About Colourbox

Colourbox was founded
April 2003
Danish site launched
January 2005
English website launched; 4 employees; 50,000 images
October 2006
6 employees; 75,000 images
October 2007
8 employees; 120,000 images
September 2008
10 employees; 250,000 images
September 2009
12 employees; 350,000 images; introduced vectors and videos
April 2010
14 employees; AAA credit rating; 1.2 million images and vectors; introduced editorial in Scandinavia market
June 2011
16 employees from 4 countries; 3+ million images, vectors and videos
August 2012
Expansion into new offices
January 2013
North American office opens in NYC
August 2013
28 employees from 9 countries; Editorial launched worldwide
September 2013
DACH region office opens in Berlin; 7+ million images, vectors and videos
October 2013

Friendly access to over 17 million images, vectors & videos

Colourbox customers enjoy freedom and flexibility in meeting their image and user needs. They can choose from 1 single download to a monthly Plan of 10+, 50+, or 150+ downloads. Their usage rights never expire once the download is used in a creative work—either online or in print. They can save unused downloads for later use or upgrade or downgrade their monthly plan to tailor-fit their changing needs. Educational customers with at least a 50+ Plan give all their students and faculty 30 free downloads a month for academic work.
Colourbox founded
Users worldwide
Images, vectors & videos
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Our Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in Odense, Denmark, the birthplace of famed fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Our office building, once upon a time a single-level, thatched-roof farmhouse, is entering the final stages of transformation into a multi-level bright and modern office space. Upon completion, there will be workspace for 40 employees, a dining area and recreation room, an industrial kitchen, a coffee break area and conference and meeting rooms.

Our International Offices

Autumn 2013 saw the opening of two international offices. In August we opened our North American office in New York City. A month later we opened our German-speaking DACH region office in Berlin. We are happy to give our customers in North America and DACH a dedicated staff.

Working at Colourbox

We love Mondays and we like spending time together and sharing knowledge. We believe in a work environment built on trust and freedom. And we believe that management should motivate, while individual team players achieve the major results.

Our Photographers and Illustrators

Our suppliers are an extremely important part of our business — just as important, in fact, as our customers. Without their contribution, we wouldn't be able to offer our services at all. In 2013 we started a Best of Colourbox contest, and the grand prize was a photographic expedition to Greenland. Colourbox suppliers receive 20% of the purchase price and get a personal profile page to showcase and help promote their work.

Store, organize & share your images

To help you manage all your images Colourbox has developed Skyfish. With Skyfish you can store, organize and share images (and all other files) quickly and hassle-free.

Awards & Partnerships

In 2012 we were awarded a Gazelle for the second year in a row. Gazelles are awarded by the Danish business newspaper Børsen to Danish businesses that have experienced growth in revenue or gross profit in the last four fiscal years and have more than doubled their revenue or gross profit during that time.
We've been the official Global Photo Partner for Metro Photo Challenge for the third year running. The largest photo competition in the world is hosted by Metro International newspapers and saw more than 120,000 photos submitted by over 39,000 photographers in 2013. Participants can sell their images through Colourbox.
National winner of the 2009 PriceWaterhouseCooper's Economic Growth Competition. We were chosen among 2000 Danish companies to have the greatest concept with best potential.

Trusted by small businesses and leading brands across the world