With 9200 vector illustrations in Colourbox, Claudia Balasoiu of Bucharest, Romania is one of our most popular vector artists.

Many of her works include children and can be used as birthday and baby shower cards and invitations, or in school projects for young kids.

“I really like drawing kids. Their innocence is always a reason for inspiration. I guess, I could never let go of my childhood so I chose to relive it in my illustrations,” Claudia says.

Claudia also likes drawing portraits in retro style like the men and women in the 1950s. This is a popular trend amongst customers at the moment.

But becoming an illustrator did not happen overnight. She only discovered her passion for graphic design after almost 10 years in different professions. However, she did not know anyone that could show her the basics so instead, she watched hundreds of tutorials on the internet, read a lot and studied alone night and day.

“I never gave up.  I am very ambitious and that helped me a lot,”  Claudia told us.

Her hard work and dedication had paid off. Since joining Colourbox in 2012 she has built up her collection and her works have been downloaded many times.

For anyone aspiring to become an illustrator, Claudia’s advice is to keep an active imagination and to study a lot and always look for ways to improve your work. If you’re not successful right away, don’t stop trying, but use it as a challenge to move forward.

View all of Claudia’s portfolio.