Did you know that you can save your favorite Colourbox images so that you do not have to spend hours searching for them? Did you know that you can share all your collected favorites with clients, partners and friends?

No? In that case, you should take a look at the following four steps and become a Colourbox expert. Mandy Reinmuth, Art & Creative Manager at Posterlounge.de told us: “We are working with Colourbox’ feature “Favorites” every day and we are very pleased with the ease of use”. That is good to know as well as motivational. Let us now take a closer look at the “Favorites” function.

1. Step: Reach for the stars

Next to the magnifier icon alongside the search field, you can find a star and the text “Favorites”. Click on it and you will see (most likely) an empty overview of your collections.

2. Step: Create your first personal collection

By clicking on the plus icon, you are able to create a new collection that can be easily renamed. From now on, when being logged in, you can find your collections at the bottom part of your personal front page on Colourbox. Let us now discover how to mark images as favorites.

3. Step: Favorites are easy to find – but how to save them?

Clicking on an image enables you to see additional information and, moreover, you can add the image to your favorites. Next to the button “Add to Favorites” you will see a small arrow, allowing you to select to which collection you would like to save your new favorite image. Do you want to add more images to the same collection? No problem, the system remembers your last edited collection, thus you simply need to click “Add to Favorites”. Moreover, you can directly create a new collection in this section, without having to click on the star icon as in step 1.

4. Step: Sharing is caring and useful

If you wish to share your new collection with clients, partners or friends, so that they can collaborate with you, click on the overview of your collections (see step 1) and open the respective collection. By clicking on “Share” you can insert e-mail addresses to invite the recipients to co-create your collection. In order to do so, they need to be logged-in on Colourbox, which is free of charge, as long as no images are downloaded. Keep in mind that all invited persons are entitled to edit the collection as well. If you want to share single images it may be more suitable to send individual links via e-mail.

When being in a collection, you can also click on “Download” to download all images at once – which is related to our usual conditions. This is an efficient tool if you need all collected images for a project and you want to avoid clicking on every single image. Posterlounge is using this convenient feature to create different categories for their website, as Mandy Reinmuth explains: “We are using the functionality of favorites a lot, in order to categorize thousands of images and download them.

For rapid collectors of fantastic favorites

Would you like to save several images in one collection? Hover with your mouse over the considered image and click on the star at the bottom left part of the image. The image, vector, or video will now be saved in the collection you have previously used and you can repeat this step with further images – fast and easy, isn’t it?

Still too abstract? Let’s take a closer look at how Posterlounge is using the Favorites feature to categorize their kitchen images and other themes:

Thanks to the convenient functionality and the broad spectrum of countless Colourbox categories featuring for example landscapes, cities and animals, we are able to satisfy the demands of our clients, who look for art prints and wall-sized pictures. Using the feature to organize the images and save them as favorites in different collections is of huge utility for us as it allows us to present our clients a targeted preselection. Images of those pre-selected collections can be downloaded individually or all at once in various resolutions – all according to our needs.

Now it is up to you. Search for your favorite images and create your very own collection on Colourbox. Do you have further questions? Our Customer Service is happy to help you.