Iryna Hramavataya
Colourbox profile: Gromovataya

Iryna Hramavataya is a fashion and beauty photographer who creates stunning images for fashion magazines, catalogs and websites. At the same time, she is also selling her images on various stock photography websites such as Colourbox. It is known to be quite a challenge to combine fashion photography and stock photography.

The commercial messages that stock images often portray are a contrast to fashion photography and its creative and more experimental messages. Iryna manages to combine the two worlds successfully. Her images are vibrant, diverse, and breathtaking with a stock-appeal.

When asked how she got to where she is today she replies:

“Firstly, you need to have the desire to reach for the goals that you set for yourself. Secondly, you must be hardworking and study the opportunities offered by modern graphic editors and programs”.

Iryna reaches her goals, combining her desire and dreams with hard work and thorough research. She looks to the work of other photographers, but she also studies the tools the different graphic design  programs offer.

Her work is often dramatic and filled with messages – some more obvious than others. Her images all tell different stories and that might be the exact reason why her work manages to be both fashionable and commercial at the same time. She challenges the way models are styled by using quirky and colourful accessories, makeup, and hairdos. This makes her images captivating and stunning without being overwhelming.

We wish Iryna all the best in the future and we cannot wait to follow her journey. 

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