Our popular feature “Favorites” can now be used by all API customers.

As an API customer, you can now collect your favorite images, illustrations, and videos  in collections on Colourbox and integrate these Collections with your website so that the collections are displayed as categories. This option enables you to curate material on your website and create a specific visual expression to match your customers’ needs.

Imagine that you are working for a Scandinavian company whose customers can create calendars via your website and select images directly on site via your Colourbox API integration. You have a category that contains images of landscapes and you would like for these images in this category to have a Nordic feeling. You simply create a collection on Colourbox and fill it up with beautiful Nordic landscape images. These images will now be available to your customers in the landscape category.

This option of using Favorites via the Colourbox API creates many great opportunities. If you want to know more or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.