It was the love of nature and mountaineering skills that got our supplier, Galyna Andrushko from Dniepropetrovsk in Eastern Ukraine, started as a photographer. Her amazing nature and travel images have been used in numerous printed and web publications as well as in advertising campaigns.

“The unspoiled beauty of nature inspired me to find ways to share my feelings with my friends and relatives. Photography was the obvious solution,” Galyna says to Colourbox.

The wide diversity of colours and forms of deserts are her favourite subjects but she finds inspiration in pretty much anything.

“A drop of dew on a meadow can inspire me as much a wild bear catching salmon in Alaska. For me, that fragile dewdrop on a dandelion can find a second life in the form of a beautiful picture,” Galyna continues.

Galyna’s photoshoots have brought her and her husband to a number of far-flung and exotic locations. Amongst her 25,000 images in our database you will find images from all over the world – from the ever changing sand formations in the Sahara desert to the majestic, but extremely cold, Alpamayo peak in Peru.

Choosing the next location for her photoshoot is never a problem.

“The world is full of great places and I have no problem with my imagination and dreams,” she says, and jokingly adds that her husband’s “crazy” travel plans can sometimes be a problem.

For any aspiring nature or travel photographer, Galina advises that one should always try to be bold and adventurous and not be concerned with the lack of hotels or restaurants when travelling.

“We just try to drive as far as we can and go deeper,” she says.

From her collection in Colourbox, Galyna has chosen a picture of a walking grizzly bear in Alaska as her favourite. The close encounter with this grizzly gave her an adrenalin rush but she did not panic and run away as others might do. Instead, she managed to find the strength to stay calm, bring her camera out and take amazing pictures.

Travelling and photography keep Galyna so busy that she does not have time for any other hobby. However, she does like to collect old horseshoes that she occasionally finds on a trail. Galyna does not have any image of an old horseshoe in our database, but what she does have is a stunning picture of the Horseshoe Bend in Colorado, USA.

Want to see more? You can view all of Galyna Andrushko’s amazing images on her Colourbox profile page.