Have you ever wondered why it is impossible to find fitting images relating to a specific topic? Have you ever searched for hours and still not been able to find the photos you need, e.g. photos of landscapes in Denmark or Scandinavia in general? Is it really that hard to find images of specific countries or other topics here on Colourbox?

Well, most likely you think it is difficult to find the needed images when you are simply browsing online on Colourbox and not using the right keywords, or when you do not know how to apply the most efficient tools. But within the next few minutes you will learn how to improve your image search and specify your research!

When you cannot see the woods for the trees – one more word may help

Let us imagine that you are looking for images of Danish bridges. Of course one of the first keywords you will type in will be “bridges”. But by doing so you obtain over 100,000 results on Colourbox – and with that many results there is no way you can possibly be able to look through them all.

Although you may think the answer is obvious, a lot of users forget to tell the search engine what they are really looking for. If you type in “bridges Denmark”, the Colourbox’ engine will show you all the results that contain both keywords, and yet with just one click you can ensure that you only obtain roughly 1,000 images to choose from instead of the overwhelming number of 100,000 results. This trick will boost the efficiency of your work as well as ease it!

Less is more! More or less the same?

If you are looking for images of France, you will get more than 90,000 results, with 8,000 of these showing the French flag. But if you are looking for photos of buildings and landscapes, you may like to filter most of the flags out in order to improve the quality of your results and reduce your research time.

If you type in “France -flag” the search engine will do its best to not show any images that contain the keyword “flag so that french flags will no longer bother you in your current search process. Therefore, we can conclude that less is more and certain tricks save you time – try it out yourself!

Search result for "France"
Search result for "France -flag"

A few more words before you try it out yourself

Whenever you wish to narrow down the obtained results, use two or more keywords if they should be included (e.g. “tree park England”). Place a minus right in front of a word if it should not be a part of your research (e.g. “tree park -Autumn England”).

Finding the right images, vectors, and videos can be tough. But here on Colourbox.com we are all trying to make everyone’s lives as easy as possible. Do you have further questions? Our customer service is looking forward to assisting you. Stay tuned for more search tips!