Ever wondered how to increase your conversion? How to make your customers or employees more satisfied? The answer is simple: Improve the usability of your website for an easy and intuitive usage of your product without any obstacles. How can you do that?

Let’s look at the following scenario: You are the owner of an online print shop that sells customized canvas, wallpaper etc. The customers decided which product they want to print on but are still missing an image. They will have to go to a stockssite to buy the image, which costs valuable time, requires that they create an account on that site, and might not even lead them back to your website afterwards.

Thus, in order to avoid such situations you have to enable your customers to fulfill all their needs on your website without having to leave it during the usage process. How? By offering them a great selection of images directly on your website via an API. For those of you that are not familiar with the term: An API is an interface that facilitates interaction between different software programs. An API solution helps you to expand and improve your business by adding new functions to your website or gadget, like for example Facebook’s “Like” button.

And Colourbox can help you with exactly that! Did you know that you can seamlessly integrate Colourbox’ search engine into your own website and thus let your customers access millions of images right on your site? They can choose their favorite image and the API will trigger a request on the Colourbox platform to use that image for the chosen service/product on your website, e.g. the canvas in the print shop. The customers do not not have to bother with down-or uploading the image and can handle everything from your website. Consequently, they will link the great image service to your website and the customer relationship remains to be owned by your business!

Colourbox API customer SUMOpix.com

However, the possibilities of using an API are not only limited to online print shops. You can for example integrate the Colourbox search engine into your intranet for easy image search and access by your communication team. Or do you have a computer program in which you would like to offer images to your users? No problem, your users can fetch the Colourbox images right inside your program. Nothing is impossible!

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