Images of Mussel

The phylum of molluscs include a huge variety of animal that are well known all over the world. Snails, like the banded dye murex were used to create an intense red color. But snails, better known as escargots in this case, can be also a delicious delicacy that is appreciated by some and evokes a feeling of disgust by others. But also oysters, clams, scallops and mussels and cockles belong to the fantastic world of molluscs.

When you take a look at this gallery and feel less delighted as we are, we strongly recommend to rethink your attitude. Molluscs are fantastic creatures and without them, you would have to quit using some of you cosmetic products as well as luxurious food and accessories like precious pearls. Get to know these animals and quit thinking about France and French food when thinking about snails - there is more to discover.

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