Images of Beret

Through fashion, people are able to express their taste, preferences and in a way their entire personality. Whether you wear a backpack, briefcase or a handbag, it already tells something about you. Are you the more sportive kind of person, wearing sneakers, jeans and a casual pullover or t-shirt? Or are you rather classy and prefer to wear an elegant dress, with stilettos - or as a man, a suit with a decent bow tie or a necktie, a shirt and polished business shoes? It is all up to you and the choice is nowadays not restricted anymore. Why not wearing a hat on warm summer days, together with short pants or swimwear and flip flops on the beach? If you need to be prepared for the winter, we recommend to wear boots, a warm pair of jeans, gloves and a scarf instead.

One important aspect that is often underestimated, make sure that your belt and socks fit the color of your shoes and don't use too many pieces of jewellery. But especially for women, bracelets, necklaces and earrings can accentuate a great business look and also express your own attitude. Showing your weeding ring is always okay and should never be considered to hide!

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