Images of Successful Businesswoman

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do successful ones. Behind the tailored suit, the crisp shirt and the lipstick lies a fiercely competitive mind, a fine head for figures, and a brain poised for analysis. The epitome of the successful businesswoman image for many viewers includes a pencil skirt or spectacles, high heels or a fitted jacket, all of which you can find in these successful businesswoman pictures. You'll find images of ponytails and waistcoats, eyeliner and cufflinks, shift dresses and briefcases.

However, there's more to a successful businesswoman than the image, and that's why you can also find successful businesswoman pictures which are less than stereotypical, because successful women don't have to be in office wear or sporting a folder full or reports. You can find pictures of older women, women in construction, women in physical education, mathematics or indeed any field you find successful businessmen.

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