Images of Crime

Our Crime category includes thousands of stock image and illustration of both street and white-collar crimes. Arson, assault, burglary, car theft, murder, rape and robbery make up the street crimes. The white-collar crimes include corruption and embezzlement. Being a victim of a crime is one of the most life-shattering (or even life-ending) events a person can experience. Crime can devastate anyone from the most vulnerable to powerful, entire communities and families, and bring down the biggest of corporations. It is no surprise that it is compared to diseases.

Colourbox has thousands of crime scene images to choose from. Whether you are downloading assault pictures for your business or a psychology research paper, Colourbox has the best selection around. Once you find the images of assault, identity theft and corruption you have been looking for, it is easy to purchase and download the pictures individually or in bulk with a monthly plan.

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