Images of Arson

There are certain people who think that deliberately lighting a fire with matchsticks is a fun idea. Our range of arson pictures allow you to see what the devastating results can be. In many countries around the globe, fire fighters are drawn to their limits in summer seasons and fire engines as well as fire extinguisher are steadily used to fight the fire . These heroes attend to both natural bushfires and intentionally lit fires. It has always been a difficult task trying to capture an arsonist during the act. This makes it frustrating for the police trying to prosecute them and keep the public safe.

Wild fires, usually caused by nature, can sometimes be started by an arsonist. Fire spreads at a rapid rate depending on the direction and speed of the wind. So a fire lit in one town could potentially spread to the next and wreak havoc. Take a look at our gallery and see the power of raging flames and learn more about how fire fighters try to protect us all!

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