Images of Education

Education arguably plays a large role in each individual’s life. Regardless of how long one chooses to study, a significant part of one's life will be spent sitting at a desk, listening to a teacher talking about a given subject while doodling away on a whiteboard. Life-long friendships will be formed in the classroom, and some people might even meet the one who later will become a spouse.

Most adults will be able to reminisce about the time spent in the classroom, learning basic math, grammar or other exciting subjects. Some might recall the breaks being the most exciting parts of school. And who can blame them? On the playground, many fierce football, jumping rope, basketball or baseball matches were fought against other classes.

Some decide to educate themselves further, going to college or even university. Sitting in lecture halls filled with hundreds of students will probably be quite a different experience compared to what most people are used to. One's entry into the academic world can be tough and exciting at the same time. Expectations gets turned up a notch, and the higher learning will undoubtedly make everyday life a tad more stressful.

Here at Colourbox, you will be able to find stock photos of a wide variety of situations that happen in the classroom. Be that the stressed-out student with his head buried in schoolwork, the teacher trying explain a very complicated math problem or a group of students making the most the recess. There are plenty of stock images that will suit your creative project.

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