Images of Energy

Energy is what fuels every aspect of our lives. Ever since fire was discovered in the Stone Age, mankind has benefited greatly from the power of energy. Throughout history, each successive form of energy has become cleaner than the one before it, but pollution is still something that affects us all. Exactly which forms of energy we use on a daily basis are influenced by everything from large-scale geopolitical factors to our own personal beliefs. Whether you are looking for renewable and non-renewable energy forms, we have the images. From fossil fuels such as coal and oil to cleaner forms of energy such as wind and solar, you will find the images here. Lumps of coal, charcoal briquettes, coal power plants, coal mines, coal-powered trains, fire, natural gas, and gasoline make up the world of non-renewable energy, whereas the world of renewable energy contains solar panels, windmills, wind turbines, dams, sunshine, wind and water.

Solar panels capture the power of the sun and can be used on anything from street signs, lamps and calculators to residential homes. Large solar farms dazzle the eyes with hundreds of reflective panels in the middle of wide, open spaces. Dams capture the awesome power of flowing water while providing another public utility service with water irrigation and distribution.

In the days of yore, the main mode of transportation was the horse, so not surprisingly, the power of successive modes of transportation were measured in terms of horsepower. We still measure the power of most cars’ engines in terms of horsepower, but some electric cars’ power is measured in terms of kilowatts instead. The interest and popularity of electric cars, which provide instant energy for acceleration, have experienced a resurgence in the last decade. Charging stations now dot the landscape.

Nuclear waste is notorious for being one sure-fire topic that galvanizes a community, whose residents cry, “NIMBY!” (Not in my backyard!), and not without precedent. Our category of Chernobyl showcases a deserted landscape and all of its acoutréments frozen in time – a modern-day Pompeii. Nuclear energy is not the only form of energy that can be disastrous for the environment though. Carbon dioxide emissions are blamed for causing climate change and irreversible environmental damage.

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