Images of Pastries

Nothing says deliciousness like crumbly, buttery pastry. With our wide assortment of pastry pictures to hand, you can be sure to quickly and easily find the exact stock image or vector that you need.

Puff or Shortcrust?
What do you fancy: puff pastry, shortcrust pie, filo sheets, choux bun, or flaky pastry? They are all delicious, and are essential components of many a sweet or savoury dish. Whatever your pastry wish is, our vast collection of pastry pictures will be sure to meet your design needs.

Butter and Flour Make Magic!
Most pastries are made by various combinations of flour, butter, and egg. Such simple ingredients form the main part of such gastronomic delights as pies, buns, and pasties. Whether you need to bake a chicken and mushroom pie, a chocolate éclair, or a baklava, our pastry pictures are ready to bring life to your tasty presentation.

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