Images of Parmesan

A child learns the names of objects by “observing” them

The ability to communicate remembered mental images in great detail is a crucial characteristic of the human language. Studies show that only a child who has seen horses knows the word “horse”. Thus the images play a key role in children's education. Colourbox provides endless opportunities for teachers working with splendid images. Parmesan pictures, dedicated to the well-known Italian cheese, invite children to an appetizing meal and lead them to know a nutritious, useful and healthy food.

Parmesan pictures and words: an articulated system of meaning

Throughout Parmesan pictures children learn to eat Parmesan cheese, i.e. a source of calcium very useful for children to prevent the spreading of diseases such as osteoporosis that start just in childhood. Colourbox offers a very attractive stock photos, pictures and vectors, with the opportunity for customers to use the images without time limits.

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