Images of Cocktails

Choose from more than 25,000 images, vectors and videos of cocktails. Colorbox provides a massive range of cocktail themed pictures that are completely royalty free and can be instantly downloaded.

Cocktails are synonymous with having a good time. These cocktail pictures perfectly capture that idea, with many featuring people drinking cocktails at parties or nightclubs. Beautiful female and male models are shown holding and drinking from cocktail glasses.

Other cocktail pictures show the drink on its own. These pictures have either a cocktail bottle or a cocktail glass. And of course many of the cocktail pictures feature a cocktail drink with a small umbrella, lemon or cherry.

As everyone knows a cocktail is often the favored drink when on vacation. In the selection of images are many pictures of people enjoying cocktails on sunny beaches or at resorts.

All of the cocktail photos and vectors are completely royalty free and can be used commercially. Choose your cocktail image today from the wide selection that Colorbox has on offer.

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