Images of Cranberry

Find a wide range of vectors, stock photos, and images of cranberry here. Cranberries come from the cranberry vine; a beautiful, low, evergreen, creeping plant. This berry is white when it is raw but turns into a deep red color when it ripens. The berry is edible and it has a sweet/acidic taste. It is high in nutrients and has antioxidant qualities. The berries are also commercially used to produce jams, sauces, juices, dried fruit, and wines among other products.

There are approximately 4 cranberry species. These species include the common cranberry, small cranberry, large cranberry, and the southern mountain cranberry. The cranberry pictures here feature the 4 cranberry species. They include pictures of ripe and raw cranberries on vines and raw and ripe cranberries after harvest. There are also pictures of cranberry juices, wines, and jams, among others. The pictures here are all royalty free.

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