Images of Duck

You will find thousands of stock photos, images and vectors of ducks here. Ducks are beautiful, aquatic birds found in sea water and fresh water. They have a broad and elongated body, and a relatively long neck. Their beaks are also broad to enable them feed to worms, small amphibians, insects, aquatic plants, and grasses. The female is known as a duck, the male is called a drake, and the young one in called a duckling. Ducks can be kept at home as pets or for economic purposes such as their feathers, eggs, and meat. Aviculturists also breed them for display in zoos.

Find all types of duck pictures here

Here, you can find beautiful and unique pictures of all types of ducks. They include pictures of various duck species such as sea ducks, diving ducks, and dabbling ducks. Photos of female ducks, drakes, and ducklings are also included in this great collection. All duck pictures you will find here are royalty free.

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