Images of Trout

Here, you will find numerous stock photos, images and vectors of trout. Trout is a freshwater fish that is closely related to char and salmon fish. It is in the category of oily fish and is a source of food for birds such as eagles and wild animals such as brown bears among others. It is also a popular delicacy for human beings. Trout is a low calorie, high protein food that is easy and fast to cook.

Various trout species

There are different species of trout found in different parts of the world. However, it is not easy for human beings to tell the difference between them because they all look colourful and beautiful. The trout pictures found here will help you to differentiate and appreciate the various trout species. These species include rainbow, lake, brown, brook and cutthroat trout among others. All of these trout pictures are royalty free.

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