Images of Shellfish

The world is your oyster: thousands of hi-res stock images of delicious shellfish
A high-protein, low-calorie food that is relatively easy to cook, shellfish have been consumed for millennia. Lobster is the epitome of luxury foods, but oysters and scallopsare no stranger to also being featured at special occassions. Or if these foods are too fancy for your taste, you might want to check out our images of shrimp and crab. Still hungry for more? Don't miss browsing through our mouth-watering images of mussels.

Royalty-free images and illustrations of clams, lobster, mussels and more
Shellfish are crustaceans, which have an exoskeleton that they moult in order to grow. Most crustaceans are free-living aquatic creatures, and all of the crustaceans in our shellfish category are of the Decapoda order. Most all decapods are scavengers, playing an important role in the ecosystem by feeding on dead material in their habitat. These beautiful images would belie that fact.

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