Images of Parsley

Parsley is fresh, tasty and beautiful too! Look at these parsley pictures from our stock photos. So green, so crisp, so pretty, you can almost taste it. These parsley pictures will garnish whatever you plan to do with them like a green sprig on a shrimp cocktail!
Lots of carefully composed images to choose from. The moss curled variety is most attractive, and a must for garnishing your favorite dishes. But if you're after flavor, be sure to stick to the plain variety - simplicity, freshness. Simply delicious! Parsley belongs to the same family of plants as the carrot.
It's full of Vitamin C!

Chewing parsley also sweetens the breath. Take care not to overdo it though. It contains oxalic acid which is poisonous in large quantities. But eaten in moderation, it also provides Vitamin B and folic acid.

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