Images of Rosemary

The wonderfully aromatic rosemary is a great addition to any herb garden. This woody perennial can be used as a flavouring for various meats and is also excellent in stuffings, soups and sauces. As a shrub it is very decorative in its own right in the garden with its distinctive flat green leaves.

Stock photos and images.

Colourbox has a huge range of royalty free images of rosemary to accompany any horticultural project, or to brighten any recipe presentation. Rosemary pictures include images of rosemary sprigs, rosemary seeds, images of rosemary as an accompaniment for food, plus rosemary growing in pots and other everyday objects such as watering cans. There are also images of dried rosemary, or as a topping on dishes such as soup.

All the images in one place.

From stock photos and images through to excellent vector graphics, Colourbox has all the rosemary pictures for your project.

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