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Browse through over 15,000 beautiful and iconic stock Cinnamon pictures. Images of cinnamon can inspire us to think of many things, and bring back memories of Christmas, and the many savoury and sweet recipes where this widely used spice is an essential ingredient. Cinnamon is also used for a stunning decorative effect.

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Warm and comforting, cinnamon pictures can make us think of a delicious hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day, delicious apple pie, cinnamon rolls or fresh donuts. Cinnamon has been used as a spice since ancient times, with recorded use since at least 2000BC, used across Asia, Europe and in ancient Egypt. Such was its value, that it was well out of the reach of ordinary citizens; an example exists where a labourer would have to work for ten months to buy a pound of Cinnamon!

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Cinnamon is obtained by harvesting and drying the bark of trees of the genus Cinnamomum, and rolled to produce the distinctive sticks or “quills” that we commonly recognize. Cinnamon is also ground into a powder to add to various foods and beverages, and is also an essential component of the Indian spice mix Garam Masala, used to prepare a wide variety of Indian dishes. Cinnamon is also known as “Cassia” in some cultures.

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Whether it is to produce a festive card, to entice or inspire others, Colourbox has a huge range of cinnamon pictures to choose from. Cinnamon with dried oranges, cinnamon with tea or with chocolate, there are plenty of photos available to suit your needs. And like with every other photo you can see on Photobox, all images of Cinnamon are royalty free.

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