Images of Pepper

Used in a range of dishes around the world, the pepper can come in many shapes and sizes, flavours and colours. The word “pepper” can invoke all sorts of connotations: hot, spicy, colourful and sweet. As a diverse vegetable, it can make for a fantastic ingredient, adding colour, flavour and heat to any meal. And for a select number of peppers, it is this intense heat that thrill-seekers like to experience. Many a man has crumbled under the extreme heat that peppers such as the Jalapeno, the Habanero and the Nāga Jolokia can produce - the latter of which being one of the hottest in the world.

Below are a myriad of pepper pictures, expertly taken in all manner of contexts: being sliced, eaten, and included in meals. We provide images, stock images and vectors for you to purchase, granting exclusive royalty free use of your pepper pictures.

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