Images of Pattypan

The pattypan is a vegetable everyone is fond of throwing into stews, salads or stir-fry's. They have a fleshy texture and a slightly bitter-sweet taste. But what really sets pattypans aside from any other vegetable is their vibrant yellow colour which seams to scream "Eat me now!" The glossy yellow exterior is a brighter shade of yellow than the pale yellow on the inside.

Colourbox is proud of the pattypans pictures that we have carefully selected. Our pictures are royalty-free, which means that you are allowed to use these images for commercial gain. There are both vector-based graphics and photographic images, each which depicts the vibrancy of this smallish vegetable. The pattypan pictures that you decide to use, are of the highest quality which you can use in a variety of medias, such as on the web or even in print media. The choice is yours!

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