Images of Arugula

A salad essential

More commonly known as rocket, rucula and Italian cress, arugula has become increasingly popular in the last decade for use in salads, on pizzas and with pasta. For catering businesses and restaurants, arugula pictures are an essential tool in tempting customers to buy. Our arugula pictures are available for immediate download at a fixed price. Our selection of images includes rocket on pizzas, arugula salads and arugula growing in the garden.

Healthy eating

Salads are an essential part of a healthy diet and with the addition of arugula, a boring salad has a wow factor. For restaurants and health food outlets, images on marketing brochures are a guaranteed way to get customers to engage at an early stage. Our selection of arugula pictures includes freshly prepared salads and vector images of arugula on pizzas for a healthy alternative to meat. Images are royalty-free and can be downloaded immediately.

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