Images of Broccoli romanesco

A vegetable like you could never imagine
Broccoli romanesco is a highly unusual-looking vegetable. Although it is called a broccoli, when cooked, the taste is a lot closer to a British cauliflower. Broccoli romanesco pictures are the only way to explain the uniqueness of this vegetable. Each floret is created out of tiny parts and they all grow into a perfect geometric point - it truly is one of nature's more exquisite achievements, so uniform, and almost sea urchin-like. Broccoli romanesco is a super food as it is high in vitamin C, K and dietary fibre. It is very easy to prepare. As you will see from broccoli romanesco pictures from our stock photos, images and vectors, the vegetable is light green in colour with a halo of dark green leaves which you would remove like a cauliflower. Add broccoli romanesco pictures to your unusual and tasty vegetables list today.

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