Images of Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbages are Winter vegetables. They have tightly packed, dark green leaves which are covered with crinkled, intricate, vein-like patterns. They can grow very large and because they are so densely packed, can also be extremely heavy. Savoy cabbage is delicious shredded and braised in red wine or fried in butter wish a dash of sugar and cinnamon. Cabbage can often be overcooked and the smell can be rather strong, but research has shown that eating raw cabbage may actually be beneficial in the fight against cancer - although perhaps not so beneficial for the people who share a house with you and your resulting smell!

Savoy cabbage pictures can be found on our site as stock photos, images and vectors. You may recognize savoy cabbage pictures from history reenactments as they are the perfect shape for testing the sharpness of the guillotine blade!

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