Images of Cress

Cress may not instantly fill you with inspiration. However, think a little harder and you might be reminded of your childhood. At school or at home, 'grow your own cress' was pretty popular. You could water a funny shaped soil head and cress grew out of it like hair. Or you germinated cress seeds between damp paper towels. There must be many proud children and cress pictures out there.
Cress as an adult is more about wondering what to do with it. Cress soup is a classic and it can also be used as a garnish to salads, meats and dressings.

You could be more creative and make cress pictures? Close up, cress can look like a meadow of buttercups and could make a lovely addition to a bonsai tree display. For more cress inspiration, search our thousands of stock photos, vectors and images at

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