Images of Kohlrabi

Stock photos of kohlrabi. Choose from thousands of royalty-free images and vectors of colorful, contrasting, quirky and unusual kohlrabi pictures in many shapes and forms, with and without leaves. Line drawings and photographs, individually portrayed or together with other kohlrabi or various vegetables including carrots, cauliflower,capsicums, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, onion and potatoes. Varied in texture and color; coarse, smooth, brown, green, purple and white.

Whole, chopped or sliced, close up or from a distance, ready harvested or still growing in the fields. Proud gardener exhibiting prize crop or pretty girl holding examples of kohlrabi and foliage. On a wooden chopping board with knife ready for preparation or oven baked in a tasty, mouth-watering sauce, appetizingly displayed with shellfish and rice, ready for eating. An array of kohlrabi pictures illustrating the multiplicity of shapes and sizes, hues, roots and stalk spikes displayed by this interesting vegetable.

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