Images of Romaine

Romaine lettuce, also known as cos lettuce, is a vegetable with many textures and flavors. As you will see from Romaine pictures, the lettuce grows tall and thin rather than round. The large white stem is extremely juicy and the leaves are lovely and crisp. Often lettuce leaves can be a bit dull and limp, but romaine keeps it's freshness and crunch for many weeks. It makes a perfect base to salads and also for spreads. The best thing about romaine lettuce is how easy it is to prepare. You rarely need to remove the outer leaves, just rip and eat.

Use romaine pictures from our bank of thousands of stock photos, images and vectors for a fresh, colorful and healthy looking leaflet or website. Raw vegetables are having a come-back in L.A. and romaine is a great addition to this movement.

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