Images of Turnip

Although not the prettiest of root vegetables, the turnip has its own place in history. The turnip is an old vegetable, popular in Salzburg in the 15th century. So popular in fact that the turnip still features proudly today on the shield of arms of Keutschach-am-See. Fans of the BBC programme Blackadder will also know that in the 3rd series, servant Baldrick's aim in life is to collect turnips, and acquires a turnip worth £400,000, although it does not remain intact for too long.

Turnips are very versatile vegetables and can be caramelised, mashed, roasted, added to soups and pasties. If you are keen to share your turnip recipes, having the right turnip pictures is vital. Search colourbox.com for thousands of stock photos, images and vectors to ensure your turnip pictures look as appetising as possible.

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