Images of Nature

»Nature is the perfect artist! It creates a magnificent and multifaceted motive. It stretches all the way from the dramatic scenes of natural disasters
to beautiful tranquil landscapes.«

Galyna Andrushko is a best-selling stock photographer with over 15,000 travel and nature images in her portfolio. She is a supplier at Colourbox and we are excited to tell you more about her work! Galyna’s images are unique in terms of quality and motives. She is one of the few photographers in the world who is able to make high-quality images in extreme conditions of mountain or desert trails. Galyna explains: »All colors, shades, shapes and backgrounds can be found in the natural landscapes and textures. Nature brings harmony into our lives, and that's why nature images are always actual and appropriate.«

What kinds of nature stock images and vectors do you need? Waiting for you at Colourbox are landscapes, seascapes, everything related to autumn, winter, spring and summer, natural disasters and much more. From dozens of delicate flowers, towering, magnificent trees, vibrant green plants and lush forests to gritty portrayals of climate change - we have it all.

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