Images of Harvest

Agriculture is an important sector that might be less important when it comes to the available job positions in this sector in industrialized countries, but agriculture ensures that we all are provided with delicious and high quality food. Therefore the hard work that farmers are doing in order to nourish a country's population and even international consumers deserves even more respect.

Working in the sector of agriculture is basically a job without holidays, as the nature never sleeps and waits for you to come back. Taking care of plants, crops and animals is the first base for amazing crops. But then comes the harvest that depends on seasons and is a critical part in the cultivation of wheat, corn, rice and any other sort of grains, vegetables and fruits. Take a look at our gallery and don't be scared, there is also one gallery in our database just about scarecrows. It is not to scare you, but for sure some images will not only frighten crows, but also your colleagues!

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