Images of Halloween

This is where you can find a huge collection of vectors, stock images and photos of Halloween. Halloween means holy evening or hallowed evening. It is a popular, annual celebration observed by non-Christians and Christians in many western countries. The celebrations are held on 31st October, which is the eve of All Hallows Day; a day when the dead and departed believers are remembered. It is celebrated by attending costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, divination, lighting bonfires, making jack-o'-lanterns (carved pumpkins), watching horror movies, telling scary stories, and playing pranks. There are also vigils, fasting, prayers and church services.

There are thousands of Halloween pictures here, all royalty-free. They include pictures of Halloween costumes modeled after devils, witches, ghosts, monsters, and vampires. Halloween artifacts and symbols such as headstones, cobwebs, spiders, bats, black cats, skeletons, masks, wigs, and hats are available too. There are also Halloween decorations like carved pumpkins (jack-o’-lanterns) and postcards.

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