Images of Carnation

Carnations are bright, beautiful, sweet smelling flowers that grow worldwide. They are of different colors such as pinkish-purple, green, red, yellow, and white depending on the species. Carnations are some of the best flowers for expressing admiration, affection, deep love, and fascination. They are popular for their beauty, spicy clove scent and longevity as cut flowers.

Carnations are symbolic in some parts of the world and each color has a meaning. For instance, red carnations are the symbols of International Workers’ Day, Labour Movement, and socialism. Pink carnations symbolize the undying love of a mother while in France, they are the traditional flowers for funerals of loved ones. These flowers are also worn at weddings, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions. There are various carnation species such as Red Rocket, Helen, Gina Porto, and Laced Romeo. The carnation pictures here are royalty-free and they represent all these species and more.

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