Images of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in Europe. As well as the traditional yellow flower, purple and white chrysanthemums are extremely popular. We have a wide range of chrysanthemum pictures that are ideal for florists and landscaping businesses who want to spruce up their website or marketing materials. Our stock photos includes bunches of chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums in the wild and chrysanthemums in vases. Images are available at one set price and they are royalty-free.

Chrysanthemums are used in some cultures as part of their culinary routines. In Asia, yellow or white chrysanthemums are used to make sweet tea and in Japan they are used as a garnish for sashimi. If you run an Asian food business and need chrysanthemum pictures for your menus, website or leaflets, you can download stock photos of chrysanthemum drinks and chrysanthemum decorated sashimi for one fixed price.

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