Images of Gardenia

Strangely enough, the gardenia plant is part of the coffee family and like the coffee plant, it is an evergreen species with beautiful white flowers. Gardenia pictures add glamour and splendor to marketing brochures and websites for landscaping and florist-related businesses. Our selection of gardenia pictures includes stock photos of gardenias in their natural environment and gardenias in greenhouses. Our images are royalty-free and are available to download instantly.

Gardenias are traditionally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, such as Asia and Africa. Capable of growing as both shrubs and trees, they display a certain elegance once in bloom. Travel and holiday companies can include images of gardenias in their brochures and on their websites to convey luxury and relaxation at their hotels. The gardenia pictures available here are downloadable for a fixed price and they are royalty-free.

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