Images of Peony

The peony is a beautiful plant bearing large, showy blooms and it has been used in Eastern culture for centuries, known in China as the 'king of flowers'. Native to Asia, Europe and North America, the peony is classified as being in the genus of Paeonia, the family of Paeoniaceae and the order of Saxifragales. Here at Colourbox you are sure to find the perfect peony picture for your requirements.

Peony pictures have been used since the 900s or perhaps even earlier to embellish artifacts and paintings, and they are also popular in tattoo designs. Colourbox has a huge range of royalty-free photos, images and vectors within the flowers category, and peony pictures are a perfect choice for those seeking images of bold, vibrant blooms. The plant is named after a pupil of Apollo's son Asclepius, who was a Greek god of medicine and rejuvenation. In Chinese culture, the plant has been used to represent prosperity and is a national emblem, whilst in Indiana, U.S.A., the peony became the state flower in 1957.

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