Images of Petunia

Bred since their discovery in South America at the beginning of the nineteenth century, petunias are popular with flower-lovers for their multitudinous bright blooms. Closely related to tobacco, potatoes and chili, the Petunia genus is a member of the Solanaceae family within the order of Solanales.

With their vast range of colors, velvety petals and trumpet-like flowers, petunias are a well-loved garden staple, making a statement in borders or trailing abundantly from hanging baskets. Colourbox has thousands of royalty-free images within the flowers category, and petunia pictures are ideal for those requiring images of colorful plants bearing lots of blooms. Most petunias are pollinated by insects but one rare species found in Brazil is naturally hummingbird-pollinated, and also happens to be the only red-flowered strain.

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