Images of Zinnia

The zinnia is a flower native to grassland area spanning from the South West USA through Mexico down to South America. Mexico has the largest variety of zinnias and zinnia pictures show how colorful and diverse the petal shapes can be. Yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and greens create a very striking Summery canvas. Zinnias attract hummingbirds which protect the garden from insects, making them a very popular flower choice for the gardener. Beautiful zinnia pictures with hummingbirds in flight evoke feelings of warmth as you imagine an exotic trip surrounded by nature.

This kind of striking image can be found among our thousands of stock photos, images and vectors. It would make a beautiful image for a postcard or greetings card left blank for a personal message. Also an excellent poster print or simply to demonstrate the many variances in a leaflet or website.

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