Images of Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a short stemmed, succulent plant, that has thick, fleshy leaves. It is believed that Aloe Vera has been cultivated for medicinal and healing purposes going back through the centuries to ancient Egypt, and even today is still used in herbal remedies, as well as cosmetics. Colourbox has an extensive gallery of Aloe Vera pictures here for all your project requirements.

Colourbox has a selection of photos, images and vector graphics of this versatile plant that is only found in cultivation. These include images of the plant growing outside or in pots, of the whole plant or just sections such as the stem, and images of people with Aloe Vera plants. Whatever the style of picture you need to illustrate your presentation, browse this range of Aloe Vera pictures and find the images you have been looking for.

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