Images of Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic and we have pictures of luscious picnic food such as fruit, sandwiches, homemade cakes and more. Our picnic pictures conjure up the feeling of a beautiful, relaxing summer day, sharing food and drink with friends and family.

Whether you want to have pictures that focus on picnic food or if you want a wider scene of children playing or a romantic image of a couple enjoying champagne and strawberries for their picnic then it is likely you will find a photo, image or vector to suit your needs. Images such as picnic hampers, tartan picnic rugs, paper plates and plastic glasses all relate to the tradition of preparing and eating a picnic lunch outside. Some people choose to make their picnic simple with packets of ready prepared food, crisps and snacks, others choose to make it a more elaborate affair with homemade salads and other dishes and perhaps some wine or even champagne.

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