Images of People

From the first cry to the golden years. A baby’s first cry as it enters this world is one of the most precious sounds. You can find images of all of a baby’s first moments: being born, examined, swaddled, brought up to its mother, nursing and being put in a bassinet. Our baby category is further divided into crying, sleeping and smiling babies.

Keep on browsing our People category to find images of all stages of life: childhood, teenage years, adulthood, retirement etc. We have images of children fighting, dancing, playing, and running; teenagers; straight and same-sex couples in love; friends; and seniors enjoying life. The People category also include stock photos and illustrations of a wide range of professions in adult working life. Carpenters, electricians, masons and plumbers can be found in our Skilled Trades category. Other professions include bankers, journalists, pilots, and firemen.

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