Images of Babies

Discover how category top performer Oksana Kuzmina shoots baby pictures!
»I really love toddlers and babies and I like to photograph them for many reasons.«

»I am a photographer from Russia and I like to create bright and positive images. Therefore children, babies, and toddlers are the perfect motives for me. When photographing a baby you have to be aware that they are more than just very cute and cheerful. In addition to that, they are also smart and spontaneous and you can never predict their next move.

If you want to catch that special moment and take the perfect picture of babies, it is necessary to plug in to their world. You need to be able to communicate at their level. But the most important thing is probably that you are able to play with them. You have to understand them, interact with them, and play with them even while shooting.«

- Oksana Kuzmina tells Colourbox.

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