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Smiling baby images

Stock photos of smiling babies are some of the most popular on Colourbox. And no wonder. The first smile on a baby's face is one of the most precious milestones. In the early weeks of a baby's life, parents notice their little bundle of joy cries and grimaces in times of discomfort. In fact, it can take a few weeks before a baby smiles on his or her own. Seeing that first expression of happiness, therefore, is one of the most meaningful and pleasant experiences for a new parent.

Royalty-free stock images and illustrations of Babies Smiling
Babies with mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, or all alone - all types of smiling baby images can be found here. You will also find sleeping babies who are enjoying a sweet dream and smiling in their sleep. Browse through our tens of thousands of images of happy babies. It just might put a smile on your face too!
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