Images of Teenagers

Also known as young adults, they are in the midst of some very defining years of their life. Generally speaking, they are in the age gap of 13 to 19. However, plenty of people would argue that the ‘teenage mindset’ spans far beyond those years - in some cases at least.
Hormones and puberty are kicking in at full speed, and learning the intricacies of the approaching adulthood is part of the everyday life. Being a teenager is not always an easy life, as most people would agree. However, it is filled with excitement and plenty of new feelings are being explored on a daily basis.

You will find stock photos of teenagers in the entire age gap - from early teens to late teens, in outdoor and indoor situations, together with their peers or in single shots, and getting ready for school or already studying hard. It is an extremely diverse group of individuals, and one should therefore be cautious about generalizing the entire group as being the same. Factors such as religion, upbringing, family and friends have a tremendous amount of say in how their personalities form.

School plays a major role in most teenagers lives. That is the place where most friendships form and young romances evolve. It is also where grades start really matter, and some will really start to gain an opinion about what they want in their lives and the society around them.
All these different areas of becoming an adult, are the main contributing factors to what forms a teenager’s life.
The various images and vectors show how different teenagers act, play, and carry themselves.

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