Images of USB

The computer as we know it, dates back to the mid seventies. Although, very early version go as far back as 1801, with some punched paper cards used for weaving production. IBM released their IBM5100 in 1975, which marked the birth of the traditional computer. With todays standard, it would barely be able to compete with a calculator bought in a thrift shop, but when it was released, it was the cream of the top. Microsoft and Apple are covering a large part of the market with their operating systems, but also Linux is still commonly known.

Nowadays, the technology developed very fast and the big computers transformed into laptops or even tablets and do not need anymore any mouse, USB, printer or other peripherals. External monitors are nevertheless popular, as many users like to see different parts of their desktop or surf simultaneously on several websites in the Internet at the same time. Take a look at our galleries and enjoy the digital world of computers!

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